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Wineries have been blending different grape varieties into complex fusions for as long as they have been bottling this delightful, fermented fruit.  But, knowing that there was so much more to be discovered, we longed for a wine experience unlike any other. We wanted to experience the marriage of a mysterious and enchanting cold-weather grape from New York with the romance of France’s fruit. We wanted to taste the beautiful depth of an Italian harvest, the seduction of a Chilean grape, and the mystery of Australian soil, artfully mingling in one beautiful glass of vino. We sought to craft flavors that complemented each other in ways no one had ever discovered before. We wanted more than complex, more than balanced. We wanted magnificent. We knew that to discover this magnificent experience, we would have to carve it out ourselves. So we did, and Chiselled Grape Winery was born.
In 2015 the Chiselled Grape Winery became the birthplace of a revolutionary new wine preservationcalled the QikVin Wine Preservation System.  For the owners the QikVin has consumed more and more of their attention as they travel the world demonstrating and selling the multi-patented invention.
In 2019 the travel morphed into frequent travel for Jamie and Claire (their travel names) as they roam the world.  You can follow their blog at TravelTheseStones.com.  You can learn more about Jamie and Claire here.